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In some cases, access to the 1901 census has given at least one more generation to the family trees. If you would like to have an updated copy of one of the Trees in the book, please email me. I can send by 'snail mail' which is easier for me than email for the trees, so I'll need your address if I don't already have it!

Update on Angoves in St Keverne in the 15th century.

In 1497 Michael Joseph An Gof of St Keverne led a rebellion and was hanged for it. Angoves have often wondered whether he had any family or relatives who could tie up with ancestors of today's Angoves.

The website 'Access to Archives' (a2a) is full of information and recently it was possible through this site to ascertain that in 1496-1509 at Tregarne Condurrow, which was a manor in St Keverne, St Anthony and Manaccan, John Angoffe was a tenant; and presumably he was also the 'reeve', though his name is given as John Goffe. In 1499 John An Goffe and Ralph Wills, chaplain, were appointed as attorneys to deliver seisin at Carminow (in Mawgan in Meneage). And in 1499 also, the whole vill of Hendrevick or Landrivick , part of Trecarne Condurrow manor, was held by John Gooff. Whether John was related to Michael Joseph we don't know - would a relative of a rebel be given authority as a reeve? But there is always more information to find...

Other early Angoves who have recently surfaced include:

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