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I am Wendy Angove, and I'm researching all Angoves everywhere, making lots of friends and doing some interesting historical research. I'm also collecting Goodlands in Somerset, Clissolds in Gloucestershire and trying to disentangle my family members from all the Davies, Edwards and Powell families in Wales!

Cover of the book: a smith's cottage, the name AnGof above the door and pieces of jigsaw puzzle missing

I have written a book detailing the discoveries I have made. Please follow this link to find out more.

During the nearly 20 years I've been doing this I've collected quite a few useful books which I'm willing to search if you've got stuck somewhere in the seventeenth century and want to move back into history. This offer was made through the Cornwall Family History Society some years ago and quite a lot of folk found it useful. I am not volunteering to do your research for you, simply to search my books. The more information (names, ages, births, especially places) you can supply, the easier it is.

I have started putting a brief idea of contents with the book names, because it is difficult to know what to ask for if you only have the book title! Please note that some of these books are primarily local history books, and therefore may not contain much 'family' information.

Many of the Indexes were compiled by volunteers in the various Family History Societies. If you have found useful information, please consider sending a donation to the relevant F.H.S.

At the moment (barring holidays) my turn-around is something of the order of a week. More lengthy or complicated requests may take longer and requests with insufficient information will eventually receive a response to that effect. None of this information is computerised, and some books have no index, so I cannot do "blanket requests" (eg "Can you find me all the Smiths in all your sources?").

If you are interested in a county on which I do not have information, you may like to peruse the list of other volunteers available in the County Volunteers (Lookup Exchange) website.

Here is a list of some of the books;



See also Herefordshire Family History Society at http://freespace.virgin.net/bruce.donaldson/

My name interests in Herefordshire are Gammon and Bengough.


In Wiltshire I'm interested in Purnell and Bishop.


See also Somerset F.H.S. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Alan_J_Brown/

In Somerset I have information on Goodland and Poulett families.


See also Gloucestershire F.H.S. http://www.compulink.co.uk/~rd/GENUKI/gfhs.htm


See also Cornwall F.H.S. http://www.cfhs.demon.co.uk/Society/

Cornish history / local history

My name interests in Cornwall are Angove and Sowden


In Wales my name interests are Powell, Davies and Edwards.

If you would like me to search these sources, or would like to correspond with me on other related matters, use the address below...

Wendy Angove: wendy@angove.demon.co.uk

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