Review of the book

Cornish World Magazine, issue 37, Spring 2004

Angove, Angof, Angrove and even Hangover are all derivative of the Cornish for smith or blacksmith and here we are presented with one of the most well put together family trees seen in print.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Tree follows a couple's fascination with their past and details how they were slowly, through fate and event, pulled into the murky mists of the past to unravel the web of Angoves. Much of the family are, of course, Cornish.

What is useful with this narrative is the telling of the methods used by Wendy and Roy to decipher the past. The Angoves spread all over the world; including USA, Australia and South Africa.

The sheer amount of work in this title is staggering. Artefacts like a picture of the Angove memorial in Illogan Church, images of past residences of the Angoves and details from wills are all presented with records as far back as the early 16th century.

Without doubt anyone with an Angove in their family should own this book, but also this is a title for anyone seeking inspiration or ideas to help research their own family tree.

Wat Trelawny, ©Cornish World Magazine

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